Taper Nut Sleeve Anchor

Hex Nut



  • Sleeve and Taper Nut with internal threaded taper nuts for the lowest anchorage depth.
  • When the nut on the stud is tightened, the tapered nut on the other end is pulled into the sleeve which on expanding takes the grip in the wall.
  6 mm Rod Dia 8 mm Rod Dia 10 mm Rod Dia
Tension Lead KN KN KN
  4.0 6.10 9.7

  • Battens
  • Metal Profiles
  • Wire & Nonious Hangers
  • Chains
  • Punched Tapes
  • Fire Protection Boards
  • Ventilatin Systems
  • Substructures Made Of Wood & Metal
  • Ceilings
  • Metal Clamps
  • Air Condition Duct works
  • Fixing of doors & windows frames
  • Overhead cable trays
  • Fire partitions
  • Plasterboards
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