Pin Type Anchor Bolt

Hex Nut



  • Hammer driver pin type anchor for push-through installation.
  • The Shell of and anchor is driven into the hole without the expansion pin.
  • Then the expansion pin is driven into the shell which after being hit expands the shell against the concrete.

Maximum load recommended for Pin type anchor with large axial spacing and edge distance

Anchor Size Non-Cracked Concrete
Dia (8mm) Dia (12mm) Dia (14mm) Dia (16mm)
Recommended Loads nrec [kn]        
Tensile 1.7 2.8 4.9 7.0
Shear 4.0 7.1 9.1 16.0

Suitable for : Concrete C12/15

  • Gratings
  • Metal Profiles
  • Gates
  • Consoles
  • Steel Constructions
  • Sanitary Equipments
  • Conduct Fixture
  • Lighting Fixture
  • Storable Rack
  • Fire fighting equipments
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